Partners in Caring


What is "Partners in Caring"?

United Way of West Central Connecticut's Partners in Caring Program offers companies and individuals in our communities the opportunities to be volunteers, to be "hand raisers". We match volunteers and volunteer teams with local nonprofits in need of support. Individuals and employees of local businesses can interact with social service agencies to make a difference in their community. One day projects and ongoing volunteer opportunities are available.

You choose the day.

You choose the time.

We make it happen.

Who Do We Need?

We need individuals and teams possessing specific knowledge and skills. United Way partners volunteers with nonprofits facing particular challenges. Volunteers have the opportunity to greatly strengthen a nonprofit's capacity to deliver on its mission. Nonprofits need volunteers, leaders and thought partners to operate more effectively and make an impact in the community. Partners in Caring offers skills-based volunteer opportunities that build capacity while creating lasting community change.

Why Help?

Volunteer programs increase employee engagement, retention, and enhance skills. Companies want to grow their businesses while engaging and retaining top talent. Becoming a Partner in Caring helps businesses achieve these goals.

Partners in Caring Information Sheet

For Nonprofits

If your nonprofit has a need, United Way will look for individuals and/or companies that can help fulfill it. This program is meant to work in conjunction with our annual Day of Caring, not replace it. To have your nonprofit considered, please complete the form below and return it to United Way of West Central CT, Attn: Judi Ann Lausier,  at 440 North Main Street, Suite D, Bristol, CT 06010 or email it to 

Partners in Caring Nonprofit Sign-Up Form

Have More Questions?

Contact Judi Ann Lausier at  or call (860) 582-9559 x 407