Bristol Early Childhood Alliance

Mission statement: Every single child in Bristol is healthy and ready to learn by age five, and achieves developmental and school success by age nine.

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BECA's commitment and goals:

  • Expanding the supply of high quality care and education and improving the quality of existing programs.
  • Building stronger connections between early care and elementary education.
  • Improving students' social, emotional and academic performance.
  • Advocacy on behalf of children and families by supporting initiatives that increase access to healthcare and healthy lifestyles for your children.
  • Support multidisciplinary approach (e.g. Pediatricians, Ages & Stages, FRC) to develop parents understanding of child developmental milestones, build recognition of red flags, and help parents feel comfortable advocating for their child when concerns exist.
  • Increase access to books/support literacy through our Appetite for Reading program offering free books at 10 sites/ bookshelves located throughout the community.  In addition to providing Appetite for Reading books at various community events to further promote the importance of reading.