Bristol Early Childhood Blueprint

Our Proposed Vision for Bristol's Young Children: Every single child in Bristol is ready and able to succeed both in school and in life.

Our Proposed Goals for the Blueprint Plan:

We have four areas that we want to work hard over the next five years to build:

  •     Infant & Toddler Care: Bristol’s goal is to have excellent infant & toddler learning environments that are both affordable and available.
  •     Physical & Emotional Health: Bristol’s goal is to have children with excellent physical and emotional health which supports their ability to develop, pay attention, and learn in school.
  •     Equal Access and Success: Bristol’s goal is to achieve equal access, ability, and performance for all children, regardless of the children’s background.
  •     Quality: Bristol’s goal is to have programs that are accountable to high standards for providing children for an excellent environment where they can gain the cognitive and social skills required for their success later in school.

Our Proposted Objectives for the Blueprint Plan:

Infant & Toddler Care:

    - Infant and toddler care is affordable to every family in Bristol through a variety of options and settings.
    - Every family in Bristol understands the importance of positive social and educational experiences at the infant and toddler level, recognizes the impact of these experiences on school readiness, understands the importance of parents being involved in the experience, and is aware of the variety of infant and toddler care options that exist.
    - Every infant and toddler care setting has direct ties with pediatricians, other early care and education providers, and the school system.

Physical and Emotional Health:

    - Every family in Bristol has access to sufficient nutrition and recreational facilities, both of which help children develop healthy and active lifestyles and contribute to their ability to learn.
    - Every young child has access to preventative health care, including early detection and early interventions.
    - Every early care and education provider has access to training, professional development, and health specialists who can serve as a resource to help providers handle behavioral issues.

Equal Access and Success for all children:

    - Every family in Bristol can access and afford pre-kindergarten and kindergarten options.
    - Every family in Bristol can access and afford after-school care, extended day care, and extracurricular options.
    - Every Bristol family can access and afford enrichment activities that help children succeed in school (e.g., books, culture, arts, and technology).
    - Every family in Bristol can get information and care in a language that is comfortable for them.


    - Every early care and education program (including infant and toddler care) is rated for its quality.
    - Bristol parents are consistently and effectively offered the opportunity to be involved and engaged in young children’s early care and education.
    - Teachers and staff are compensated at a level that makes it possible to recruit and retain high-quality educators.
    - Providers have opportunities for professional development that support the highest quality education.
    - Strong coordination and ties exist between early care and education providers and other sectors, including other early care and education providers, preschool programs, the school system, community resources, and healthcare providers.


Download the whole Bristol Early Childhood Blueprint by clicking here

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