Success Stories

In the last year alone, our work helped 102,259 people in Bristol, Burlington, Plainville and Plymouth.  Below are just a few examples of how United Way is helping real people in our communities:

Nicholas' Story

Nicholas, a middle school student in Bristol, was forced to change schools this year when the school he was previously attending closed.  Nicholas’ mom said that he was “angry, upset and miserable at his new school”... until he found the KIM Program.

The United Way Kids in the Middle (KIM) Program offers middle school students the chance to connect to caring adults and complete service projects in their community.  Now, Nicholas is doing better and he’s happier at his new school.  “The KIM Program rescued my child by helping him find a purpose and feel better about himself.”


Carolyn’s Story

A Plainville woman, who is a divorced mother with two young children and has Multiple Sclerosis (MS), heard about our United Way Financial Coaching Program and decided to give it a try.  She was motivated to help herself and looking to build her savings in case her MS flared up again and she couldn’t work.

After three months of meeting with her Financial Coach, she said, “This program changed my life.  It was the most eye-opening, emotional thing I’ve ever done in my life.”  After seeing where she was spending her money, she stopped smoking, drinking and playing the lotto.  “I’m in the best place I’ve been in the last 10 years!”


Joan’s Story

An older Bristol woman recently received a phone call at home telling her she had won a significant amount of money.  However, in order to receive her prize, she needed to go to the nearest Wal-Mart and wire transfer $5,000 to the company.  They had assured her that once they had received her money, they would send the prize directly to her.

This kind of scam happens all the time to our local seniors.  Luckily, Joan knew about this scam because she is part of our TRIAD program, which helps to reduce crimes against older adults.  Because of her knowledge of scams, Joan knew to say “no” to this caller.

“Thank heavens for TRIAD!  I am $5,000 richer thanks to this program!”

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