Adopt-A-Child Back to School Program

The first day of school can be a tough time for needy children whose parents cannot afford a nice outfit and/or appropriate school supplies. A child’s self-image has a dramatic effect on performance in the classroom and the lack of a positive self-image can create lasting consequences.

United Way believes that the first day of school is an important event in a child’s life that is often overlooked. Thus, we started the Adopt–A–Child Back to School Program in 1999, where we served 30 children. We have continued this program each year and it has grown dramatically, with over 500 children served last year alone.


Thank You to 2013 Donors from United Way

On behalf of the United Way of West Central Connecticut and our community partners, I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to all those who participated in the 2013 Adopt-a-Child Back to School Program.  Over 500 local students have been adopted for the first day of school thanks to the generous individuals and organizations in our community! As a result of your kindness, these children from the communities of Bristol, Burlington, Plainville and Plymouth received new outfits, backpacks and school supplies for the first day of school. These donations will help to ensure that these children start off the school year with confidence and hope. 

Thanks to the following individuals: Karen Agosto; Carole Anderson; Lucy Archaski; Suzanne Atwood; Avi Aubin; Jeannine Audette; Lisa Ayotte; Deb Bailey; Emily Barnes; Marie Bartz; Amy Battisto; Susan Baxter; Lori Beam; Jodi Bean; Ann Beardsley; Linda Beaudoin; Carissa Bentley; Kathy Aubrey Bergonzi; Lori Bernabucci; Leslie Blade; Sara Bolduc; Penny Borovsky; Maria Bowes; Sara Bowes; Sherri & Keith Brault; Maureen Briggs; Dale Brown; Joan Brown; Dale Brown; Maureen Brummett; Jane Buden; Robyn Bugbee; Joann Bujak; Denise Bujak; Michelle Burns; June Burns; Brandi Byrne; Carol Calderoni; Valina Carpenter; Susan Casey; Pam Castonguay; Dolores Charpentier; Susan Ciccarelli; Jennifer Clark; Gillion Cloney; Jessica Coelho; Marcia Collin; Margaret Cook; Paula Corrao; Lisa Costello; Linda Coverty; Debbie Dabrowski; Karen Dallaire; Peter & Brenda DellaBernarda; Mindy Demarest; Thomas DeNoto; Robin Dinicola; Jeanne Doerr; Erica Donovan; Jena Doolittle; Diane Dossias; Eleanor Doyle; Kathy Drozd; Sherrie Dubois; Barbara Fabrizio; Mike Fiorini; Margie Fletcher; Barbara Fontaine; Dawn Ford; Elaine Fusco; Mary Lynn Gagnon; Jean Gagnon; Jennifer Garten; Pam Glazier; Diane Godbout; Holly Gonyea; Toni Gouin; Andrea Graham; Jena Greene; Debbie Grisko; Debbie Gurski; Helen Hahn; Karen Hallsey; Heather Hemphill; Mary Jane Henriques; Jean Hirokawa; Julie Irace; Susan Isabelle; Cheryl Jakubiak; Lynn Janco; Kathy Johnpierre; Mary Jane Johnson; Geraldine Jones; Brandi Kay; Lori Kelly; Joan Keyowski; Les & Sally Kish; Devyn Kittle; Debbie Kleinrock; Pam Kowal-Swartout; Alba Krawiecki; Chris LaPlaca; Claudia Larson; Diane Latour; Barbara Lombardi; Dixie Losey; Diana Maciag; Karri Malone; Jennifer Mangali; Linda Mannarino; Jill Manners; Pat Mansfield; Patricia Marchand; Ronnie Marek; Karen Marko; Nancy Markoski; Mary Markoski; Laura Massaro; Nancy Mattioli; Diane McCluskey; Cindy McCool; Marissa McGee; Jodi McGrane; Erin McKenna; Nancy Merrow; Diedra Methe; Betty Meusel; Sarah Michaudo; Linda Middleton; Cindy Milewski; Jan Montella; April Moore; Sue Moreau; Buckley-Wayne Morgan; Donna Mullin; Linda Murphy; Judy Murrone; Susan O’Brien; Chris O’Dell; Nancy O’Donnell; Eleanor O’Regan; Carol O’Regan; Janet Olmstead; Donna Osuch; Wanita Parent; Rose Parenti; Mildred Parks; Patty Patterson; Sandy Pelletier; Christine Petosa; Patty Philippon; Lori Preleski; Greg Provencal; Janet & Aubrie Przybysz; Sue Raffaniello; Darcy Rajotte; Claudia Rajotte; Maria Randall; Linda Reed; Sharon Regan; Mary Rimcoski; Marie Rivard; Danielle Rivard; Gloria Roberts; Teresa Roberts; Suzanne Rocco; Pamela Rogers; Martha Rouleau; Nancy Roy; Adriana Santaniello; June schilling; Barbara Schwaber; Angela Scott; Mary Smith; Karen Smith; Rose Smith; Sandy Sorel-LeDuc; Kathi Sorey; MaryAnn Spirito; Eileen Spirito; Karen Stevens; Faith Stewart; Grace Stranieri; Margaret Straub; Joan Strecker; Mary Suchopar; Gina Swenton; Debbie Swicklas; Dawn Swingle; Ken & Diane Sylvester; Theresa Tardiff; Brenda Tella; Marybeth Tessier; Derald Theriault; Mary Tomasi; Trish Tomlinson; Gregori Tonon; Kathy Troccolo; Sharon Valerio; Krista Wagner; Billee Wallace; Kerry Walsh; Andrea Wasley; Christie Welch; Ann White; Lynn Whitney; Lyell & Nancy Williams; Suzanne Williamson; Eleanor Wilson; Beth Wojtusik; Janet Wolfe; Kate Wollenberg; Victoria Wollenberg; Phyllis Worhunsky; Nancy Younghans; Donna Zapatka and Kathy Zbikowski.

Thanks also to the employees and members of the following companies and organizations: AIX Group; AJ Delorenzo Towers; Allstate Construction; Barnes Group; Beacon; Best Built Sheds; Bristol ARC; Bristol Baptist Church; Bristol Board of Education; Bristol Central Class of 2014; Bristol Hospital; Bristol Housing Authority; Bristol Water Department; Carling Technologies; CCOG; Central CT Chambers of Commerce; Cigna; City of Bristol; Comcast; Computer Development Systems; Conveyco; Countryside Manor; CT Community Care; Dr. Wachtel, Shaffrin, & Moore; ESPN; Farmington Bank; First Bristol Federal Credit Union; Gene Prentiss, CPA; Globe Travel; Greater Bristol Labor Council; Greater Bristol Primary Care Group; Green Planet Redemption Center; Greene Hills School; Har-Bur Middle School; Holy Trinity Church; Hubbell School; JW Green Co.; Kathi Sorey Associates; Liberty Bank; Lincoln College; Plainville Rotary; Radcliff Wire; Riverside Investment Services; Sovereign Bank; St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church; The Evergreens; The Pines of Bristol; The Town of Plainville; Thomaston Savings Bank; Tracy Driscoll Insurance Co.; Trumps; United Bank; Webster Bank; Wheeler Regional Family YMCA and Yarde Metals.

Special thanks to Amber Onorato, our summer intern, who was an amazing help this year.  Thank you to our special volunteers - Lilly, Aubrey and Ashley Barnes, Sara Bowes, Jessica Duquette, Grace Gagnon, Victoria Kilbourne, Sue Raffaniello, and Erin & Megan Stephens - for their generosity and dedication to this project.  Last, but not least, thanks to Cindy Trifone and several members of the Plainville Kids in the Middle for offering your assistance to help other students to be prepared for the upcoming school year.

Thank you to everyone in our community who Lives United,

Emily Barnes

Office Manager

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