Adopt-A-Child Back to School Program

The first day of school can be a tough time for needy children whose parents cannot afford a nice outfit and/or appropriate school supplies. A child’s self-image has a dramatic effect on performance in the classroom and the lack of a positive self-image can create lasting consequences.

United Way believes that the first day of school is an important event in a child’s life that is often overlooked. Thus, we started the Adopt–A–Child Back to School Program in 1999, where we served 30 children. We have continued this program each year and it has grown dramatically, with over 500 children served last year alone.


Thank You to our 2014 Donors!


On behalf of the United Way of West Central Connecticut and our community partners, I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to all those who participated in the 2014 Adopt-A-Child Back to School Program.  540 local students have been adopted for the first day of school thanks to the generous individuals and organizations in our community! As a result of your kindness, these children from the communities of Bristol, Burlington, Plainville and Plymouth received new outfits, backpacks and school supplies for the first day of school. These donations will help to ensure that these children start off the school year with confidence and hope. 


Thanks to the following individuals: Jim & Denise Albert; Lisa Anderson; Sandy Andre & Debra Gurski; Tom & Lucy Archaski; Mike & Jeanine Audette; Mark Austin; Lisa Ayotte; TJ & Emily Barnes; Jodi Beam; Marilyn Beaucar; Suzanne Beckham; Pat Bednaz; Carissa Bentley; Kathy Bergonzi; Cynthia Berrios; Whit & Jarre Betts; Barbara Birkett; Liz Bohmier; Sara Bolduc; Jodi Bond; Penny Borovsky; Gai Bos; Marie Bowes; Sheri Brault; Alison Britz; Joan Brown; Maureen Brummett; Taylor Buckley; Robin Bugbee & Bob Pezze; Tina Bunnell; June Burns; Carol Calderoni; Heather Cardinale; Pat Carlisle; Valina Carpenter; Heidi Caruso; Cathy Cassin; Pamela Castonguay & Karen Stevens; Amy Caucci; Jennifer Clark; Marcia Collin; Wendi Connoly; Paula Carrao; Lisa Costello; Linda Coverty; Helene Crispino; Jeff Curtis; Alan Cyr; Debbie Dabrowski; Karen Dallaire; Joann Daprile; Kim Davis; Kathy Dayton; Tammy Decker; Mindy Demarest; Tom DeNoto; Sharon DeVoe; Dick & Jan Dill; Jeanne Doerr; Jena Doolittle; Dian Dossias; Eleanor Doyle; James Drummond; Abigail Duncan; Kathy Dunn; Maureen Eaton; Karyn Evans; Megan Fanion; Edina Field; Annmarie Fippinger; Margie Fletcher; Dawn Ford; Elaine Fusco; Kyle Fusco; Gary & Mary Lynn Gagnon; Jack & Jean Gagnon; Kori Gauvin-Eagle; Peg Giordano; Pam Glazier; Holly Gonyea; Roseann Gurgigno; David Haberfeld; Karen Hallsey; Tom & Michelle Hick; Sheryl Jakubiak; Pam Jennett; Kathy Johnpierre; Mary Jane Johnson; Geri Jones; Brandi Kay; Rhonda Keel; Lori Kelly; Lori Kelly; Joan Keyowski; The Kilbourne Family; Les & Sally Kish; Jessa Kowalski; Pam Kowal-Swartout; Andrea Kozloski; Karla Krassin; Sharon Krawiecki; Erc & Pam Labadia; Chris LaPlaca; Claudia Larson; Diane Latour; Tanya Ledesma; Maryann Lessard; Jill Limberger; Amber Lipscomb; Hugette Lizotte; Martha Lojzim; Dixie Losey; Karri Malone; Linda Mannarino; Pat Mansfield; Pat Marchand; Nancy & Mary Markoski; Laura Massaro; Michelle Matthews; Olivia Mazzarella; Jodi McGrane; Erin McKenna; Fred Mertz; Diedre Methe; Betty Meusel; Linda Middleton; Ann Miecznikowski; Linda Milla; Nola Miller; Sally Miller; Joyce Mola; Kathy Monteiro; Janet Montella; Christine Moreau; Sue Moreau; Denise Morin; Nancy Morrow; Linda Murphy; Chrissy Nasi; Jennifer Nolan; Susan O’Brien; Nancy O’Donnell; Cindy Oliveras-Cyr; Wanita Parent; Michelle Passamano; Patricia Patterson; Sandy Pelletier; Christine Petosa; Francine Petosa; Mike Petosa; Patti Philippon; Doug & Danielle Pierce; Nicole Pires; Gene Prentiss; Maria Proto; Greg & Kate Provencal; Louise Provenzano; Patty & Tom Quinn; Tara Quist; Susan Rafaniello; Maria Randall; Linda Reed; Catheron Revzon; Dan Reynolds; Danielle Rivard; Marie Rivard; Katie Roberge; Theresa Roberts; Pamela Rogers; Maryann & Andrew Roman; Susan Sadecki; Mayra Sampson; Elizabeth Santoro; June Schilling; Jennifer Seacrest; Mary Smith; Theresa Sonstrom; Sandra Sorel-LeDuc; Kathi Sorey; Mary Ann Spirito; Nancy Sprouse; Kris Squires; Faith Stewart; Doreen Stickney; Margaret Straub; Dawn Swingle; Theresa Tardiff; Amanda Theroux; Cheryl Thibeault; Trish Tomlinson; Kathy Troccolo; Sharon Valerio; Barbara Villani; Rosie Vojtek; Billiee Wallace; Willow Warren; Laura Watson & Family; Molly Westfall; Eleanor Wilson; Ruth Woodbury; Phyllis Worhunsky; Ashley Young; Don & Nancy Younghans; and Cathy Zbikowski.


Thanks also to the employees and members of the following companies and organizations: AJ Delorenzo Towers; Associated Spring HQ; B.A.M. - Bristol Area Moms; Bauer, Inc.; Beacon Medication Services; Bristol Baptist Church; Bristol Hospital; Carling Technologies; CCOG; Central CT Chambers of Commerce; Charity Cycling Challenge; Cigna HealthCare; Computer Development Systems; Conveyco Technologies; CT Community Care; First Bristol Federal Credit Union; Forestville Village Association; Globe Travel; Grace Nesci – Lodge #1826 OSIA; Greater Bristol Primary Care Group; Green Planet Redemption Services; The Health Consultants Group; Holy Trinity Church; JW Green Company; Moore Medical; Quota Club of Bristol; The Pines at Bristol; Plainville Rotary; Riverside Investments; St. Andrew’s Women’s Guild; Thomaston Savings Bank; Tracy-Driscoll Insurance Co.; Trumpf; Wachtel, Shafran, & Moore; Webster Bank; Wheeler YMCA; Yarde Metals; and YWCA of New Britain.


Last, but not least, special thanks to our volunteers - Sarah Bowes, Taylor Buckley, Jackie Herold and Victoria Kilbourne. 


Thank you to everyone in our community who Lives United,

Emily Barnes

Office Manager


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